Child's Code: Ru
Birth Date: 1/17/2016
Gender: Female
Description: Ru is a little girl who is eager to interact! You might also know her as "Ashleah" from Show Hope. She will be turning 2 years old this winter. Ru is happiest when she is being tickled by her nannies or playing with toys. Her eyes just light up when she is excited! She will interact with the other kids, too, and she likes to watch them play.

Ru’s physical, language, and behavior development are delayed compared to her peers. She can turn her body over and sit while supporting herself with her hands, but she is not able to stand or crawl yet. Her nannies say her right foot does not have any strength so she does not try to walk or stand. She can pick up toys and play with them, but she is not able to pinch smaller objects. Ru will make sweet little “ah ah ah” sounds to express herself. She does not try to imitate her nannies words, though.

Sweet Ru needs a supportive, patient family to love and cuddle her!
Medical Condition: Developmental delays
Contact Info: