Child's Code: Xing
Birth Date: 12/1/2012
Gender: Male
Description: Meet Xing! He first arrived at his orphanage when he was just a couple of days old. Xing will be turning 5 years old at the end of the year, and he has been waiting so patiently for his forever family! His nannies and teachers tell us he is a lively, curious boy. He recently started attending school and he loves to get into everything and learn! He listens very well in class and he always tries his best.

Xing loves to color, play with playdough, and do puzzles! He really likes figuring out how things work. He likes tools, and often when there is repair-work going on he likes to observe and even join in on the simple things like unscrewing and screwing or hammering gently.

Xing is cheerful, giggly, and talkative. He likes being around others and is eager to interact. His nannies tell us he has become more and more outgoing! He used to be very self-conscious of his hands and feet, but he is made a lot of progress! His teachers tell us he will play with finger puppets, let other hold his hand, and allow people to look at his hands, which is something he would have never done a couple of years ago.

Xing does pretty well with his gross motor skills – he can walk, run slowly, and climb stairs and slopes. He struggles a bit more with his fine motor skills, but he is working hard to improve!

Xing has overcome so much! Imagine what this sweet boy could do with a loving family cheering him on!
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Malformed Limb - Lower, Malformed Limb - Upper
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