Child's Code: Zhi
Birth Date: 4/15/2011
Gender: Male
Description: You’ll almost never see 6 ½ year old Zhi without a smile on his face! He is a clever, thoughtful, happy young man. He always takes the initiative to help when he sees a friend in need, and he does not fight or compete with the other kids.

Zhi’s speech is delayed, but other than that he is very much like other children his age. He loves to be around other kids, watch cartoons, and play games. He can say some simple words, but he mostly communicates using body language. His nannies say his speech is not super clear but they can understand what he is saying.

Zhi has been healthy recently, so he is not receiving any sort of treatment or medication. He has burns on his arm, but this does not seem to interfere with his daily life! He is pretty independent – he can eat, get dressed, and get around all on his own. Zhi goes to school and he seems to really enjoy it! He knows over 80 Chinese characters and can count from 1-10. He follows his teacher’s instructions and has ABOVE average scores in his class!

Zhi’s smile will surely bring a lot of joy to his future forever family!
Medical Condition: Burns, Developmental delays
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