Child's Code: Ting
Birth Date: 12/17/2014
Gender: Female
Description: Ting is one determined 2 year old! Her nannies tell us she is continually making progress. Ting is happiest when she is interacting with others and playing games. She loves when her nannies read to her, and she enjoys playing the little piano in her room. She gets extremely excited when it is time to go outside, too. She is happy to be out in the sunshine and she loves listening to all of the different sounds!

Ting has been healthy recently, and she is participating in different therapies to help her navigate her world. It is hard for her to see due to vitreous opacity in both of her eyes – her nannies tell us she cannot differentiate between people’s faces. She is very responsive to sounds, though, and can look around to locate a sound’s source.

Ting’s caretakers say her learning skills have progressed and she is in the process of learning self-care skills! She has already mastered feeding herself with a spoon. When she is happy she will babble and make “ah ah” sounds, but she is not saying words right now. She understands what her nannies say to her and is able to follow simple instructions. Ting can crawl and stand by herself, and she can walk with a little bit of help. She likes when her nannies hold her hands to help her practice walking!

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Medical Condition: Vision problem
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