Child's Code: Rong
Birth Date: 12/28/2013
Gender: Male
Description: Would you look at the smile on this little guy? He is such a happy kiddo! His name is Rong and he will be turning 4 years old at the end of the year. When you talk with Rong’s nannies about him, they cannot help but boast about how much progress he has made! They say his learning abilities in particular have made astonishing progress! When he gets back from school he will immediately grab a book off the bookshelf and sit quietly to look at it. He is full of curiosity and is fascinated by everything he sees!

Rong has made great progress with his motor abilities, too. He can walk alone steadily and run, and he is learning to feed himself (though he still needs a little help with that!) In terms of his language ability, Rong’s nannies believe he has a strong desire to speak. He cannot say any words yet, but he will imitate the shape of the nanny’s mouth when she speaks. He can understand most of what is said to him and can follow instructions.

Rong gets a cold from time to time, but his general health is very good. He has not been found to have a heart condition.

Could you be Rong’s forever family?
Medical Condition: Down Syndrome
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