Child's Code: Wen
Birth Date: 1/1/2015
Gender: Female
Description: This little sweetheart is Wen! You may also know her as "Jada" from New Hope! She turns 3 years old on New Year’s day. Wen loves to be surrounded by bright colors! When she is wearing a colorful dress her nannies will say, “Wen, you are so cute!” She can’t help but smile when she hears their praises. Wen is also very interested in any toy that is brightly colored.

Wen’s recent health has been good. Her cleft palate has been repaired, and she does not have any issues with swallowing. She can run independently and can go up the stairs on her own. Her nannies tell us her language skills are delayed, but she can say “mama” and will use simple gestures to express herself.

Please help Wen find her forever family!
Medical Condition: Brain Damage, Cleft palate, Vision - Glaucoma
Contact Info: