Child's Code: Tao
Birth Date: 6/18/2015
Gender: Male
Description: Tao’s nannies say he is an adorable little boy with happy laughter and a cheerful voice! He is 2 ½ years old. He is happiest when he is playing with other people or playing puzzle games – stacking cups and blocks are his favorites right now. He can be a little bit shy, but he gets along well with the other kids.

Tao’s language his a little delayed, but his nannies say he is very intelligent. He can form short, simple sentences and will follow his nannies’ instructions. He has had surgery for his anal atresia and hypospadias and he recovered well from those procedures. He can run independently, go up and down stairs on his own, and he is learning self-care skills. He has already learned to use a spoon on his own!

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Medical Condition: Hypospadias, Imperforated anus
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