Child's Code: Meng
Birth Date: 1/10/2017
Gender: Female
Description: This precious little girl is Meng. She just celebrated her first birthday. Meng is diagnosed with a very significant heart condition, and she needs to find a forever family so she can get home for treatment quickly! Her nannies report that her lips and fingers are blue, she has occasional respiratory infections, and she tires easily.

Meng is close to her caretakers and she loves to be held. She can make little “baba” sounds and will imitate other words. She can sit on her own to play with her toys and crawl, but she still needs a little support from her nannies to stand up. She is usually quiet and introverted, but she likes to play and interact with the other kids in her room.

Meng needs to get home quickly for heart surgery! Could you be her forever family?
Medical Condition: Congenital Heart Disease
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