Child's Code: Sun
Birth Date: 9/18/2016
Gender: Male
Description: Meet Sun! He is a smiley, cheerful 1 year old. Sun first arrived at his orphanage when he was just a couple of days old. He bonded with his caretakers and the other children in the welfare center quickly – he especially likes when his nannies talk to him. It will always put a smile on his face! Sun’s favorite thing right now is bath time. His nannies say he will dance for joy when it is time to go in the tub!

Sun has had a shunt placed for his hydrocephalus, and though he was using a feeding tube before, he no longer needs it. Sun’s development is a little delayed compared to the other kids. His left hand is not very flexible, but his muscle tension otherwise appears to be normal. He is not crawling and cannot stand independently quite yet. He is babbling and will occasionally say “mama” and “baba”.

Please help Sun find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Brain Damage, Heart disease, Hydrocephalus
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