Child's Code: Ze
Birth Date: 2/20/2016
Gender: Male
Description: Meet Ze! He will turn 2 years old in February. Ze’s nannies tell us he is an adorable, smiley baby. He gets along with others well, but like many children coming from an orphanage, he can be a little protective of his belongings. He recognizes which shoes are his and he does not like it when other people touch them. His nannies tell us that at bedtime he MUST have his shoes by his crib so he can sleep soundly. Even though he can be protective of his things, he often takes the initiative to share his toys with the other children.

Ze is generally healthy and rarely sick. He has had surgery for his bladder exstrophy , and his development appears to be on par with the other kids. He can walk independently and can use body language and simple words to communicate his needs.

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Medical Condition: Bladder Extrophy
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