Child's Code: Hi
Birth Date: 2/15/2017
Gender: Male
Description: Hi is only 11 months old! You might also recognize him as “Peter” from New Hope. He is so adorable and smiley. He loves to be teased and tickled by his nannies, and he will make little sounds to show his excitement. He likes to wiggle around and play with toys that make sounds, too.

Hi has had surgery for his anal atresia, but he has not received treatment for his eyes. Despite his strabismus, he can see the nannies in the room and pick up toys that he finds. Xi Zhi Yang has been relatively healthy after arriving at his orphanage, but we are told he is currently being treated for pneumonia.

Please help Hi find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Anemia, Imperforated anus, Premature, Vision- Strabismus
Contact Info: