Child's Code: Yang
Birth Date: 3/10/2015
Gender: Male
Description: Meet Yang! He is an outgoing 2 year old boy. Yang first came to his orphanage when he was just a couple weeks old. He adjusted to his new life well, and is very used to his stable living schedule. His nannies tell us he is warm-hearted and he is happiest when he is listening to music!

Yang’s general health is good – he has not been sick recently. He has not had his cleft palate repaired yet, so he has some challenges with eating. Yang’s development is delayed compared to other children in the orphanage. He can turn over and sit on his own, but he is not crawling yet. His language development is also delayed, so he is not trying to speak.

Yang’s caretakers hope he will continue to improve with the help of rehabilitation therapy!

Could you be his forever family?
Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Cleft palate, Cryptorchidism
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