Child's Code: Ji
Birth Date: 5/29/2016
Gender: Male
Description: Ji has come such a long way since he entered the orphanage! He was jaundiced and had a swollen belly when he was admitted. Ji is now 1 1/2 years old, he is not currently showing symptoms of liver damage. His nannies tell us his biliary atresia does not seem to inhibit his daily life.

Ji is a pretty active kiddo – he is so happy when he is playing with toys or with his friends! He is also close to his familiar caretakers. He will always show his lovely smile when he is being teased and tickled by his nannies.

Ji’s development is pretty on par with his peers. He can walk independently, imitate words, and understand his nannies facial expressions. He can pass toys between his hands, and knows to hand the nanny his toy when she asks for it.

Could you Ji’s forever family?
Medical Condition: Biliary Atresia
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