Child's Code: Zhan
Birth Date: 3/15/2015
Gender: Male

Zhan was just a few months old when he came into care at his orphanage. At first, doctors thought he might have Cerebral Palsy, but as he has grown the orphanage feels this is not the case. Zhan will be turning 3 years old in May, and he is able to walk independently and run slowly. He can babble and will say “mama”, and he has learned to take his shoes and socks off all by himself. His caretakers feel his cognitive development is a little delayed compared to his peers.

Zhan likes to be around his nannies and the other kids. When his nanny says “Welcome, Zhan!” he will clap his hands in excitement. When he sees his nanny across the room he can crawl over to her quickly for a hug and to ask for a snack.

Please help Zhan find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Developmental delays
Contact Info: