Child's Code: Hou
Birth Date: 6/1/2016
Gender: Male
Description: *Please note that Hou is diagnosed with a communicable disease*

Little Hou is so cheerful! He is 1 ½ year old. Hou’s nannies love his sweet, adorable little laugh. The caretakers will often talk to him, and when they finish he will laugh aloud as if he understood their jokes. Hou loves to be around other kids, too. They like to play games together and dance together. Before bedtime, Hou and his friends will hold onto the railings of their cribs and chat with each other. The nannies aren’t quite sure what they are talking about, but it is very cute to see!

Hou is on par with his peers in all areas of development. He can walk independently and say simple words. Hou is receiving treatment for his diagnoses and is generally healthy!

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Medical Condition: Other
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