Child's Code: Chun
Birth Date: 12/4/2013
Gender: Female
Description: This adorable, smiley, cuddly girl is Chun! She is 4 years old. Chun lives in foster care and has a good relationship with her foster parents. She loves to be hugged and cuddled by them, and she loves to go for a quick ride with her foster father on his motorcycle. Chun’s caretakers say she is very obedient, and she is happy just playing with toys on her own or interacting with others.

Chun has had seizures in the past and takes medication for them. Chun’s physical development is normal and she can run independently, but sometimes she will become a little unstable and fall down. Her language skills are delayed – she can say simple words, but her speech is not very clear. Chun’s caretakers tell us her learning skills have progressed, but she is still learning self-care skills and still needs some help eating, getting dressed, etc.

Please help Chun find her forever family!
Medical Condition: Poor Brain Development, Seizures
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