Child's Code: Wan
Birth Date: 6/15/2016
Gender: Female
Description: This little sweet pea is Wan! She will turn 2 years old this summer. Wan is quiet, but she loves to be around her nannies and friends. She loves when her nannies talk with her! She is not able to say any words yet, but her nannies say you can tell she understands you. Wan is happiest when she is listening to music. She is interested in any toy that makes music, and she has so much fun clapping along to songs!

Wan has already had surgery for her megacolon, and her nannies pay close attention to her diet to make sure she doesn’t eat anything that will upset her stomach. She can crawl, stand with support, and take a couple of steps with support. She babbles, but she is not saying words yet.

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Medical Condition: Megacolon
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