Child's Code: Qi
Birth Date: 8/29/2015
Gender: Male
*Please note that this child’s file is designated as LID ONLY, meaning a family MUST have a logged-in dossier to adopt him*

Meet Qi! He is 29 months old and has already had surgery to repair his cleft lip & palate. Qi’s nannies tell us he is cuddly and smiley! He loves when his caretakers hold him and talk to him. He is more introverted than the other kids, but he has so much fun building towers out of blocks and just being around his caretakers.

Qi’s motor abilities are on par with his peers, but his language development is a little bit behind. He can say some simple words but his speech is not always clear, so he will often use body language to help communicate what he is trying to say. He does not have any trouble swallowing, and his nannies have not noticed any issues with his hearing.

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Medical Condition: Cleft lip, Cleft palate
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