Child's Code: Ping
Birth Date: 4/8/2008
Gender: Female
Description: Ping is a bright, outgoing, cheerful 10 year old! Even though she is in a wheelchair, she is very much like other girls her age. When she wakes up in the morning she likes to pick out a pretty new outfit – she really likes colorful clothes! She can dress herself, wash her face, and comb her hair to get ready for school. Her nannies admire her determination in the classroom – she works very hard and is polite toward her teachers and classmates. She is extroverted and friendly, and is not afraid to meet new friends.

After school, Ping likes to play with her friends and caretakers – it seems that she is happiest when she is around other people! She likes when her caretakers push her in her wheelchair outside, and she has a special interest in Chinese opera and dance.

Ping is diagnosed with hydronephrosis, spina bifida occulta, and paralysis of her lower limbs. She falls ill a little more frequently than her peers, but she does not let this impact her happy, friendly attitude. Her language skills are very good, and she can communicate her thoughts, needs, and feeling to her caretakers verbally.

Ping has seen other children go home to their forever families, and she longs for a family of her own. She is such a ray of sunshine and will bring so much joy to her future family!
Medical Condition: Hydronephrosis, Malformed Limb - Lower, Spina Bifida, Urological Issues
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