Child's Code: Zi
Birth Date: 11/5/2013
Gender: Male
Description: This handsome young man is Zi! He is 4 ½ years old. Zi’s nannies tell us he is cheerful, active, and easygoing – though sometimes he can be a little mischievous! He attends preschool classes and seems to really like it. He plays well together with his peers and is polite to his teachers – he is sure to greet them and say “thank you” when they give him a snack or toy.

Zi has had surgery for his anal atresia, and right now there are no plans for future surgery. His motor development is good – he can walk, run, and jump with ease. Zi’s language and behavior development also appear to be normal.

Zi is learning self-care skills and likes to help his nannies whenever he can!

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Medical Condition: Extra fingers/toes, Imperforated anus
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