Child's Code: Jun
Birth Date: 5/22/2006
Gender: Male
Description: Meet Jun! He is about to celebrate his 12th birthday, which means he only has 2 years before he ages out of his eligibility for international adoption. Jun’s nannies cannot say enough great things about him – they say he is an honest, kind, trustworthy boy who is happy to help other people. They shared one very sweet story with us:

“There is a girl in our institute who also is studying in Jun’s Middle School. She is Jun’s friend. She needs a wheelchair to bring her to school due to certain disabilities; she stays in the classroom at noon and needs her meals delivered to her at noon in order to save time. Jun says that he is able to pick her up for school and deliver meals to her every day. Every day he helps to push her wheelchair, and he goes to school and leaves school with her together, no matter the weather, for a promise. After school at noon, he goes home and has lunch quickly at home, then he delivers meals to the classroom quickly because he is afraid the food will get cold. The old adage, "It is not difficult to do a good deed, but it's difficult to do it every day." Jun has been picking her up and delivering meals to her for one whole semester, in the wind, in the rain, in the snow, he has never once complained and he doesn't flinch.”

Jun is in 5th grade at the local middle school. He is always on time to class, and he is respectful of his teachers and classmates. His learning abilities are slightly behind his peers’, but he is a born leader in the classroom and he gets along well with the other kids. Jun’s favorite class is music because he loves to sing! He even participated in a TV network art competition and won the Excellence Award in the final in the group category. On the weekends, after he finishes all of his homework, Jun likes to play basketball. He learned how to dribble and shoot from his friends, and they have a lot of fun playing together on the court right outside of his welfare institute. Jun is also into martial arts. He used to be pretty shy, but his nannies say Taekowndo has helped him come out of his shell, and he is more and more brave every day!

Jun has great self-care abilities and is pretty independent in his daily life. He also takes the initiative to help out with chores – he will often sweep, clean the dishes, and wash his clothes to help out.

Jun has such a big heart and will bring so much love and joy to his future family! His nannies say over and over that he is such a kind, caring young man, and they really hope he can go home to a forever family.

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Medical Condition: Facial Paralysis
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