Child's Code: Chi
Birth Date: 11/8/2004
Gender: Female
Description: Chi is an outgoing and cheerful 13 year old! She is very kind-hearted and will take the initiative to help her nannies and friends. She takes classes within the orphanage, and art seems to be her favorite! She has a knack for art and is especially good at matching colors in paintings. Chi has had surgery for her heart, but she still has to be careful and does not participate in many strenuous activities. Her language skills are delayed, but she can express herself using some simple sentences.

Chi has been cared for at her orphanage since she was 1 year old. Her nannies adore her, but they know that Chi deserves the love and safety of a forever family. Chi only has a few months before she ages out of her eligibility for international adoption, and she desperately wants a family to call her own! Could you be her forever family?

*Please note that Chi's file says it is "suspected that she has cleft palate" as well
Medical Condition: Congenital Heart Disease
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