Financial Integrity
Josh feeds a waiting child
Josh feeds orphans
By Rev. Joshua Zhong, CCAI Co-Founder and President

When I graduated from college in 1984, the Chinese government assigned me a teaching job at a newly established college in Liaoning Province. As a college teacher, my monthly salary was 56 RMB (about $7).

When I came to the USA in 1986, I had $15 in my pocket and one small piece of luggage. I held on to that $15 for as long as I could before I had to spend it.

When my wife, Lily, and I first looked into the possibility of starting an adoption agency in 1992, we were stunned at the high fees associated with adoption.

As we started to talk to prospective adoptive families, we became aware of the financial divide between their desire to adopt a child and their ability to afford to bring their child home. As a result, we resolved to establish an adoption agency that would offer second-to-none service and yet charge as little as possible.

We can say very proudly that we have accomplished our goal. CCAI is not only recognized as the largest and ranked #1 China-focused adoption agencies in the world, but it is also known as one of the most financially trustworthy and affordable agencies in the US.

Today, there are about 60 American adoption agencies that are directly involved in placing children from China. The total and all-inclusive adoption expenses among all the agencies range from as low as $25,000 (like CCAI) to as high as $45,000.

Occasionally, I hear questions and doubts from understandably cautious prospective families. “Why are your fees so low?” they ask. That question gives me the opportunity to share with these families our values and belief that centered around financial integrity, accountability and transparency.

We have worked diligently over the years to honor these values so we might serve as many children as possible.

We believe it is an adoption agency’s ethical responsibility to keep adoption costs as low as possible; so one more family might be able to afford to adopt, and one more child might have the chance for a loving home.

Lily and I come from a culture where adoption is not very accepted. In a culture that believes in sayings such as, “no one can love a child who is not born of you,” most abandoned children, especially children with a physical condition (Waiting Children ) simply have little chance of finding a permanent, loving family in their homeland. That’s why Lily and I are so moved every time we see loving people like you who are considering bringing a child abandoned by our own people into your wonderful home to give her/him all the love in the world.

Your act of love is both touching and inspiring. We feel the only thing we can do to pay back your extraordinary love is to give you the best and most affordable adoption service possible.

In a world where fraud and dishonesty are not uncommon among non-profit entities or for-profit businesses, adoptive families have every right to question and doubt where their money is going. That’s why it is important to do thorough research and ask the tough financial questions before selecting an adoption agency.

Adoption is a leap of faith and an emotional journey, and adoptive families should never have to add the financial integrity of their adoption agency to their worries or concerns.

CCAI dares to make a promise: When you work with CCAI, there are no hidden charges, no last-minute surprises and no under-the-table dealings. Your CCAI program fees are locked in as soon as you submit your Application for Adoption.