Myth vs. Truth

Myth: A large adoption agency is impersonal and families are just a “number in line” to them.

Truth: We believe there are reasons for both small and large adoption agencies to exist and there is no need to pit one against another. The success of any adoption agency is determined by the intensity of its passion for orphans, the integrity of its financial management, the effectiveness of its business operation, its intolerance for mediocrity, and its deep appreciation of families’ trust.

Here at CCAI we see every family who invests their dream with us as valued individuals. That is why we religiously practice our 24-hour call and message return policy, why our China representatives are available to serve you 24 hours a day while you are in China, why we are determined to keep you informed at all times, why our co-founders Lily and Josh are always available to you, why our president personally conducts adoption information conference calls, final travel conference calls, and welcome home calls…

For us, “personal service” is not a slogan; it’s a daily practice. We are here not to entertain satisfied customers; we are here to serve, inspire, and generate raving fans. We deeply care about each family and every child. In other words, we are on YOUR side!

Myth: Lower fees equal hidden charges.

Truth: According to Adoptive Families magazine’s annual survey, the average all-inclusive adoption cost from China is $38,000, ranging from as high as $46,000 to as low as $28,000. The total all-inclusive cost to adopt through CCAI is between $24,000 and $28,000, the lowest among all China adoption agencies.

We are often asked why CCAI’s service fees are so low, and what are the hidden charges? The truth is there are no hidden charges, last-minute surprises, or under-the-table dealings when you work with CCAI. While receiving second-to-none professional and personal adoption service from the #1 ranked adoption agency in the world, families are able to keep those extra thousands in their own pocket.

Myth: The more money I pay, the better service I will receive and the faster I will get my child.

Truth: Adoption is not baby-trafficking; we believe all qualified adoptive families should be treated equally with excellent adoption service. When an agency offers different levels of service based on the amount of money you are willing to pay, it is simply saying they are serving money, not you. It is CCAI’s belief that all who want to make a difference in an orphan’s life deserve exactly the same highest-level service, no matter the figure on their paycheck. Further, paying more money also does not speed up your child match by even one day. Matches are made based on the gender, age, and medical conditions you are open to, and money makes no difference in this process.

Myth: Large agencies are more bureaucratic and move slowly.

Truth: Many adoption agencies assign a specific “caseworker” as the key contact for each family. That may sound very personal and caring, but in reality it is what can delay your adoption. International adoption is a very complicated process that encompasses qualification screening, dossier paperwork collection, immigration requirements, a home study report, communication with multiple governments, and so on. No one individual can do everything effectively, accurately, or timely. What happens when your caseworker gets sick or goes on vacation? What if she suddenly resigns?

Here at CCAI, in order to avoid delays and be available to you at all times, we operate like an “Assembly Line of Love.” Throughout the entire process you will be served by highly-trained and focused teams that each specializes in the various stages of the adoption process. In the end you will have worked with the entire CCAI staff to welcome a beautiful child into your arms.

Myth: Bigger agencies have slower matches and travel.

Truth: The landscape of China adoption has experienced tremendous changes in the last ten years. The decline of the adoption of healthy children has forced the bankruptcy of many smaller agencies. Larger agencies with an orphan-focused vision, strong leadership, sound management, and healthy financial conditions are benefiting from the consolidation of smaller agencies and the rise of the Waiting Child Program.

In fact, CCAI receives MORE Waiting Children’s files and places MORE children on a monthly basis than any other agency, due to our massive charity efforts in China, our strong working relationship with the CCCWA, and our reputation as the #1 ranked agency in the world.

The same is also true with adoption travel. CCAI places on average over 400 children annually. We send multiple groups of families to China every month, which means you won’t have to wait for a group to form. It is always our goal to get you to China as quickly as possible!

Myth: “Special needs” means mental handicaps.

Truth: The phrase “special needs” often brings fear and therefore avoidance for families considering adoption. Many people associate special needs with mental challenges or handicaps. The truth is that the vast majority of Waiting Children have physical medical needs such as cleft lip & palate, heart conditions, limb differences, hearing/vision impairments, albinism, hepatitis B, and spina bifida, etc. Many conditions are correctable or manageable with surgery, therapy, and/or medication. Other conditions, while not correctable, will not limit a child’s independent living and activities.