Proud Parents' Blogs

We've seen it more than 11,000 times as new parents are united with their children. There is no way to adequately describe the sight, adventure, and the joy! But don't take our word for it - let our families tell you about it themselves. Click on the links below and you will find the stories of some of our families in their own words and pictures. CCAI is honored to share in their dream come true!

Saltzman Family Adoption Journey
DeLay Family Adoption Blog
Maelyn's Story - A China Adoption Journey
Maelyn's Match - The Best Day
The Zopp family's blog
The Pokorny family's blog
The Osborne family's blog
The Brady family's blog
The Weaton's Video
The Burleson's Blog
The Wright's Blog
The Whitford's Blog
The Seery's Blog
The Keefer's Blog
The Ballou's Blog
The Alexander's Adoption Video 1
The Alexander's Adoption Video 2
The Bare's Blog
The Christofferson's Blog
The Elisbury's Blog
Blog about Natalie Schroeder
A Year With Natalie ~ Our China Adoption Story
Annabelle Lecy-piano recital
The Uriz's Blog
The Bollinger Family Blog
The Bollinger Family's Adoption Video
Eaton Family Adoption Video
The Green's Blog
Our Journey to Lia Jill
The Henn Family
The Swinson Family
The Phalen's Site
The Rittmeyers' Page
The LinZhi's Page
The Geists' Page
The McGhee's Page
Our Journey to Norah
The Knolls' Website
The Shapiro Family's China Adoption Journey
Katie-Beth's Page
Baby Shanahan's blog
The Rodin Family's Journey
The Teague Adoption
The Spains' Website
The Hocutt family's Website
Ami's Webpage
Journey to Zoe
The Biesiadecki's Website
The Archer-Davison's website
The Easterling's website
The Landes's website
The Adinolfi's website
The Freeman's website
Journey to Carlie
The Miller's web site
The Johnson's web site
Kaylee Dollof's web site
Lauren Dollof's web site
The Koehler's web site
The Hoppe's web site
The Nanna's web site
The Weston's web site
The Royer's web site
The Leongs' web site
The Provine family
The Olson Family's Blog
The Winge's Family's Blog

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