Your Home Study

A home study is an evaluation of each potential adoptive family prior to the placement of a child in the home. An approved home study report will enable us to recommend you to Bullgaria to match you with a child. The purpose of a home study is to completely and accurately assess the readiness of an adoptive family to ensure the placement is made in the best interest of the adoptive child and the adoptive family.

The home study process includes several interviews by a social worker. At least one visit/interview will be in the adoptive family’s home. These interviews will help your social worker evaluate your adoption motivation, family background, marriage stability, financial ability, physical condition, understanding of parenthood, home and community environment, support system, and other relevant issues to determine your readiness for adoption.

It usually takes eight to ten weeks (this timeline may be longer if your social worker must wait for child abuse and CBI/FBI clearances to be completed) for your social worker to complete your home study and write a home study report based on federal, state, and Bulgaria government requirements. A CCAI Child Placement Supervisor will approve the report before it goes to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your home study will also be a part of your dossier that will go to the Ministry of Justice in Bulgaria. As your home study provider, your social worker will help support and prepare you for the most exciting journey of your life.

To see a list of licensed, accredited home study agencies in your state that CCAI families have worked with in the past, please use the drop-down menu below. (Please note that a home study performed in advance of beginning your formal adoption process may need revision once you have identified the placement agency you plan to use.)