Your Home Study

A home study is an evaluation of each potential adoptive family prior to the placement of a child in the home. An approved home study report will enable us to recommend you to Bulgaria. Therefore, the home study is an extremely important part of the adoption process. The purpose of a home study is to completely and accurately assess the readiness of an adoptive family to ensure the placement is made in the best interest of the adoptive child and the adoptive family.

The home study process usually includes at least four interviews by a social worker on separate days. At least one visit/interview will be in the adoptive family’s home. These interviews will help your social worker to evaluate your adoption motivation, family backgrounds, marriage stability, financial ability, physical condition, understanding of parenthood, home and community environment, support system, and other relevant issues to determine your readiness for adoption.

It usually takes eight weeks for a social worker to complete your home study and write a home study report based on federal, state, and Bulgarian government requirements. A CCAI Child Placement Supervisor will approve the report before it goes to the USCIS. Your home study will also be a part of your dossier that will go to Bulgaria.

How to Choose a Home Study Agency

As adoptive applicants, you will need to choose a licensed, non-profit agency from the CCAI Preferred Home Study Agency List for your state, to complete your home study. Your home study cannot be performed by an independent social worker.

Considerations When Choosing a Home Study Agency:

  1. A licensed, non-profit, home study/adoption agency is required.
  2. Do some comparative “shopping.” Fees and services for home studies vary widely from agency to agency. Find out what specific services their fees will cover (i.e. number of home study visits, immigration filing assistance, mileage, post adoption visits/reports, etc.) and the length of time it will take to complete the home study.
  3. To complete your CCAI Application for Adoption, you will need to indicate the name of the home study agency you have chosen.

Once your application is approved, and we have received your signed Service and Fee/Policy agreements with your 1st agency fee, CCAI will provide you with a packet for your home study agency. This packet will assist them in meeting all of the necessary home study requirements.

We strongly recommend that you complete your dossier and home study concurrently as much of the information will overlap.