Bulgaria Waiting Child Program

Every 6-8 weeks, the Bulgaria Ministry of Justice (MOJ) will release profiles of available “waiting children” to Bulgarian representatives, which are in turn shared with US partner agencies. Usually agencies have 2-4 months to find families before a profile must be returned to the MOJ.

Waiting children are typically ages 1-8 and have moderate to significant special needs such as delayed development, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, HIV+, epilepsy, and sensory processing disorders, etc. More boys tend to be available than girls, and children often appear in older sibling groups. Families may apply to adopt these children specifically.

Applications for waiting children are submitted to the MOJ, who will review all applications and determine who they feel is the best “match” for that child or sibling group. Once a family is selected, or “soft matched,” they have up to 6 months to complete their dossier and submit it to Bulgaria. Once the dossier is submitted and approved, families will receive the official referral within 30-45 days and can plan their first trip.

To view profiles of Bulgarian waiting children, please visit www.ccaifamily.org and click on “Child Profiles.”