Adoption Trip to China - Journey of a Lifetime

CCAI has successfully arranged trips to China for thousands of adoptive families.  The process is smooth and families can relax knowing that every detail is covered and that they will never be alone!

Helping Hands
Before you arrive in China, our experienced CCAI representatives are already making all your arrangements and following up on your child.  Wherever you are in China, you will always be with a CCAI representative who knows the dialect of that area and details on what families need while in that city.  They have strong working relationships with orphanage administrators and provincial officials.  Because our representatives have served numerous families before yours, they already have relationships with hotels and bus companies that enable CCAI to secure the best accommodations and transportation at the lowest cost.  Therefore, our travel costs are lower than other agencies that use international travel agents instead of local China staff.  Our representatives have contacts with local hospitals and pediatricians in case of an emergency.  The combination of our representatives’ experience, language skills and relationships with key figures results in a smooth process and the ability to overcome any problems that may arise during the trip.  While in China, you will always be with someone you can consider a friend.

The Typical Trip
When the time comes for your adoption trip, your itinerary may vary depending on which province your child comes from, what time of year you travel, and what airline you take.  You will receive a daily plan with many MORE details in your Final Travel Packet.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1 Leave the US for Hong Kong or Beijing. (Another possible entrance airport is Guangzhou)
Day 2 Arrive in Hong Kong or Beijing.  Go to your hotel. Free time.
Day 3 Guided Hong Kong or Beijing city tours are optional.  (Extra touring may be available in Beijing)
Day 4 Fly from port city to the capital city of your child’s province.  Welcomed by CCAI Representatives.
Day 5 Receive your child at the Provincial Registration Office or hotel.  Sign the Guardianship Paperwork. CCAI’s contracted medical consultant, if available, will visit your child.
Day 6 Adoption Registration and Notarization appointment at the Provincial governmental offices.
Day 7 Wait for adoption paperwork to be completed for the next few days. Optional shopping trips to the local department store for supplies for your child.
Days 8 Optional half-day city tour of local point of interest.
Day 9 Receive registration certificate, notarized paperwork, and child’s passport. Fly from the provincial capital to Guangzhou where the US Consulate is located.  Go to your hotel.
Day 10-11 TB test for children over 2 years old. Rest, shopping, and tour.
Day 12 Visa physical exam and visa photo for your child.
Day 13 CCAI Representative delivers visa packets to US Consulate Adoption Unit and the group goes to the US Consulate to take the oath.
Day 14 Receive your child’s visa.
Day 15 Leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong or Beijing, then depart for the US.

Travel Companions
CCAI recommends that both parents travel to China. If only one parent can travel, we hope that parents choose a travel companion who will focus on supporting them through the adjustment.  CCAI’s priorities for your adoption trip are twofold: to successfully finalize your adoption and to bring your child home.  We hope that the priorities of your travel companion are the same.