Frequently Asked Questions for Grants

Q: When should we begin applying for Grants and Loans?

A: Typically families can start applying for grants and loans as soon as their home study is complete (there are some agencies that will allow you to begin sooner, be sure to check the eligibility guidelines for each grant foundation).

Q: How and where should we begin?

A: Begin by researching the grant foundations found here on our website: Grant Foundations. Each foundation has their own application process and eligibility guidelines, deadlines and fees so please be sure to make sure you meet their qualifications before applying, and that any grant award will be made before you travel (most will not grant after travel).

Q: What will I need from CCAI to complete the grant application?

A: Most granting organizations will request a letter on letterhead from your agency showing what your anticipated adoption expenses are, what has been paid, and what fees are still outstanding. In order to complete the grant letter and share your confidential information with the grant foundation, we will need a signed release. Please allow at least 48 hours for the completion of the letter.

Q: Where do I get the Release of Information form?

A: You can either download CCAI’s Release of Information form here or request the form via email: Once the release has been completed and signed by each adoptive parent please return it to the email address listed on the form (an original signature is not required).

Q: Why do I have to complete a Release form for each grant agency/foundation?

A: Due to our Confidentiality policy, we are required to have a Release form for each foundation we share your information with. The release form is also how you tell us where to send the information which is different for each grant foundation.

Q: Will CCAI help us apply for grants?

A: We are happy to support you in your grant and fundraising efforts but it is up to the family to carefully research each grant to make sure it is appropriate for their individual circumstance and to apply accordingly. Each granting agency has different timelines, eligibility requirements, and application fees; so we encourage you to do your research before applying.

Q: If my friends and/or family want to donate money toward our adoption expenses will they receive a tax-deduction receipt for their donation?

A: Your friends and family can send CCAI money to be applied to your adoption expenses however; they will not receive a tax deduction receipt. This is because they are paying for services on your behalf, and therefore is considered a payment for adoption services and not a donation. If they want to be able to claim their contribution as a tax deduction, then they will need to donate through a fund-raising entity or another third party not for profit entity such as a church or grant agency such as Life Song for Orphans, The Abba Fund, Reece’s Rainbow, etc. The grant foundation or church will provide them with a tax deductible donation receipt and forward the funds to CCAI as a “grant” in your family’s name.

Q: What happens after we have been awarded a grant?

A: The granting organization will notify CCAI and or send the funds to our accounting department. Once the granted funds are received the accounting department will let you know how the funds are being applied and will continue to track and apply these funds to your fees as they become due.

Q: What if I receive a grant after all of my agency fees and outstanding expenses have been paid?

A: We will apply the funds to fees already paid by you and refund the excess money to you after you have completed your adoption if allowed by the grant foundation.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what fees can be paid by grant funds?

A: Yes there are restrictions. CCAI’s only restriction is that the Post Adoption Deposit is paid in full by the family. Because it is a “deposit” it is not considered an adoption expense and the deposit will be refunded to you after all of your post adoption requirements have been met. Many grant foundations also have restrictions, such as the funds can only be used for travel purposes, and/ or only for Adoption Agency fees. Therefore, your research at the beginning of your grant and fundraising journey is most important and we will gladly guide you along the way.

Q: Can I report the all of fees related to my adoption process for tax purposes if those funds were paid by a grant?

A: No, the IRS only allows a family to claim those services that were paid for by your family directly for your adoption process. CCAI will provide you with your true cost letter for tax purposes once you have returned from China with your child/children, this will reflect the fees you paid.