Kinship (Relative) Adoption

kinship adoption

Do you have a relative you want to adopt so you can ensure he/she remains in your care and in your family?

Through kinship adoption, you are able to maintain your family connection and ensure that your loved one has the legal protection an adoption provides. A relative adoption provides a greater degree of security than a guardianship, as it establishes permanency for the child/children.

Are you working with an agency or attorney who has asked you to obtain a home study so you can move forward?

Do you want to ensure that your loved one remains in your care and in your family?

CCAI is a Hague-accredited, state licensed adoption agency that offers services to families residing in Colorado, Florida and Georgia. We can provide you with the home study report you need to move forward with your adoption, as well as any post placement follow up that may be required.

CCAI will ensure that your home study meets all requirements that apply to your particular situation. Likewise, through our post placement services, we will provide you with the necessary reports you will need to fulfill ICPC or court requirements here in the US.

What is My Next Step?

If you have questions or would like to get started, please contact the following:

Colorado 303-850-9998, ext. 22
Florida 813-949-5559
Georgia 404-250-0055, ext. 201

Or to get started right away, please download the Domestic Adoption Application.