Prior to departing for China, all travelers will need to obtain a China visa in their passport. All passports must have 6 months validity remaining at the time you apply for your China visa. If any passport will expire please apply now for a new passport. When you apply for your Chinese visa you must have at least 2 BLANK VISA pages (separate and distinct pages) in your passport. This does not include the pages reserved for amendments or endorsements. You will obtain your own visa by using a courier service or by personally walking your application(s) into a Consulate or Embassy. CCAI cannot provide visa services for your family. Please find listed below contact information for two Consulates and visa couriers.

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Please direct all correspondence and questions regarding visas to couriers and/or China Consulate or Embassy.

Visa App Sample
Please note these sample forms are specific to the Chicago China Consulate. Please contact the courier or Consulate/Embassy you are using for specific instructions. These samples are meant to be a reference.