Financial Accountability

We want to make sure every loving dollar you contribute goes to benefiting children you intend to help.

In order to maximize the power of every donated dollar, to ensure that donors’ contributions truly go to support the orphans in need, and to combat the challenge of potential corruption, CCAI has established a procedure of accountability to monitor and supervise fund distribution:

  • Step 1. Orphanage submits funding request
  • Step 2. CCAI’s charity team calls orphanages to verify the request and reports on its validity
  • Step 3. CCAI’s Children Charity Fund committee evaluates and approves or disapproves the request
  • Step 4. Approved funds are wired with CCAI President’s and Treasurer’s signatures
  • Step 5. CCAI’s on-site team follows up and supervises spending and distribution
  • Step 6. Orphanage mails actual receipts and donation photos to CCAI
  • Step 7. CCAI mails copy of receipts and photos to donors