Orphan Care Report 2006
Cenxi / medicine$870.00
Cenxi / reading/translation machines$1,200.00
Changning / foster care & medical treatment$3,050.00
Changsha / air conditioners$1,000.00
Chaohu / computer, copy machine, fax machine & washing machine$1,800.00
Chenzhou / washing machine, diapers, clothes, shoes & formula$2,000.00
China Charity Team (staff in China)$39,897.00
Chongqing / medical equipment$4,520.00
Chuzhou / winter quilts$300.00
Daye / air conditioner$500.00

'Three Mei' theraphy team in HangZhou

charity team delivers the gifts in GuiZhou

charity team helps DKI to set up'first hug' project in DianJiang orphanage

charity team helps FKI to set up 'first hug' in Fuling orphnage

charity team provides childcare training in GuiZhou province

charity team provides childcare training in GuiZhou province

Donated Beds

Donated Library

Donated Music Instruments

Donated Shoes

Donated Study Room

Donated Toys

education support at HongHuaGang orphanage in GuiZhou

education support at WuHan orphanage

Hefei - Donated Art Supplies

JingMen - Donated Swings

LiuZhou - Donated Ping pong Tables

NanKang - Donated Washing MAchines

Sponsored for Tutoring

Wearing New Shoes