One- on- One Education Program

Many school-age children in the orphanage cannot attend a regular school like their friends simply because of their medical conditions. These children deserve a chance to learn and flourish just like any other kid. By offering one-on-one tutoring, many of these special children reach what they have been dreaming for – excellent and personalized education. And as a result, these precious children will have a better chance to live an independent life and have a brighter future.

Twelve-year-old Shan Shan was painfully shy and insecure when we first met her at the Yingtan Orphanage in Jiangxi Province. Every day her friends went to school while she stayed behind due to her paralysis. When CCAI's Charity Team asked for her wish, she said, "I also want to be a student!"

After discussing with her orphanage director, CCAI searched for a private tutor willing to come to the orphanage every day and teach her math, art, and language. In just a few months with her tutor, Shan Shan became a happy, confident, and social young lady. "I just love my teacher, and I have been trying hard to be a good student," she proudly writes.

Today, generous CCAI donors sponsor 11 kids like Shan Shan to receive one-on-one education for only $600 a month per child. They receive quarterly updates on how their child is improving and growing. Many young people like Shan Shan urgently need your support so they can appreciate the joy of learning.

Would you consider sponsoring or co-sponsoring an orphan's one-on-one education this year?