CCAI Adopteen

Adopteen’s Mission - Recognizing the challenges that may arise during the teenage years, particularly for internationally adopted kids, several adopted teens from China formed the Adopteen community. The overriding principles of Adopteen are celebration, inspiration, and pride. Adopteen was created to celebrate our unique qualities, reach out and be an inspiration to others, and take pride in who we are and one day will be.

Adopteen programs have been held in various locations throughout the U.S. Each Adopteen Camp-Conference is intended to create a fun, secure, and teen-focused environment where adopted Chinese teenagers can:

CCAI Adopteen
  • Share openly without adult interference;
  • Discover commonalities;
  • Build leadership skills;
  • Reach out and make a positive difference in the community;
  • Feel pride in their identity; and
  • Take control of their own destiny.

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