Post Adoption Center

The Post-Adoption Center at CCAI offers programs for adoptees and their parents year-round. Our fall calendar of events is coming soon.

The Connected Parent

Adopted children present unique parenting challenges. How do you ensure your child is developing a secure attachment to you, the parent? What if your child is not attaching, even several years after the adoption? How can you address the unique needs of your adopted child? What do you do when your child has behavioral problems, attachment problems, or other challenging difficulties?

This 8-week course addresses many of these questions through education and support. Parents will be given information and tools to address these questions, and will also be given the opportunity to bring up their children’s challenges to discuss with the group, in hopes of finding solutions and common ground. In addition, while parents are in their training class, a corresponding children’s group will meet the children’s needs, teach them basic self-regulation strategies, and help the children practice some of the skills their parents are learning.

This class is subject to minimum and maximum enrollment, to ensure a supportive environment where each family can most benefit.

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