Child's Code: Jackson
Birth Date: 3/8/2011
Gender: Male
Description: * Jackson is eligible for a grant to go toward his adoption expenses! Please contact CCAI for more information! *

*Jackson was part of our hosting program in 2016! Please contact CCAI to learn more about Jackson!*

Jackson is a friendly and smiley 7 year old! He really likes to interact with others and is happy to help his friends whenever he can. One time he saw another child that was trying to make noise with their toy horn. Jackson went up to the other little boy, took the horn, and blew into it to show his friend how it works. Then, he put the horn up to his friend’s mouth so he could give it a try. The horn made a loud noise, and Jackson and his friend smiled and giggled!

Jackson is learning self-care abilities and has made a lot of progress! He can put on his shoes, dress himself, and has even learned to use chopsticks! At first he thought using chopsticks was pretty hard, but after perseverance and practice, he is getting much better! Jackson also attends a children’s class inside of his orphanage and has learned how to recite ancient poetry. He sometimes forgets the words, but he recites the poems loudly for his classmates. When it is time to choose an activity in his class, Jackson is the first one to put up his hand! He often chooses reading, and he will go straight over to his favorite dinosaur book and read in the corner with his friends. He loves to tell his nannies about all of the dinosaurs he is learning about. After school, Jackson likes to play ball or ride bikes with his friends. Jackson says he wants to be a policeman when he grows up!

Here is what his host family shared with us:

“This hosting journey has been extraordinary to say the least. This little boy is truly a loving and kind-hearted little 5 year old. He is slightly delayed developmentally and has a limp, but that in no way stops him from running around doing pretty much anything any other child his age does. A long term loving family environment would quickly help with any delay he has. He's talkative, engaging, active, cheerful, resilient and quickly adaptable. He loves Mickey Mouse, coloring books and playing chase! He loves eating almost anything you put in front of him and sleeps well through the night. He does have random outbursts but I believe that is due to the language barrier and with time and love with a forever family that could be helped. Overall he is an absolute joy and would make a great addition to a loving family! He is always smiling!”

Please help Jackson find his forever family!
Medical Condition: Hydrocephalus, Malformed Limb - Lower, Other, Spina Bifida, Undescended testis
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