Child's Code: Rae
Birth Date: 9/19/2008
Gender: Female
Description: * Rae is eligible for a grant to go toward her adoption expenses! Please contact CCAI for more information! *

*Rae was part of our hosting program in 2016! Please contact CCAI to learn more about Rae!*

Rae is a lively and sweet 10 year old girl! She is currently attending preschool and loves to draw and do artwork! Her caretakers describe her as helpful and say that she is a well-behaved little girl! She is happiest when she can take her snacks outside; it makes her smile and laugh! Rae also likes to play with dolls and building blocks with her friends at the orphanage! She is not a picky eater and will try most foods. Rae is able to eat on her own, but she does need assistance with other daily tasks. One of her legs is a bit shorter than the other so she walks on her toes, but she is able to get around just fine! Her language is delayed and she does not communicate much with her caretakers, but she is able to understand what they tell her. Her cognitive development appears to be quite delayed.

Here is what Rae’s host family shared with us:

“She has a very gentle, mellow & sweet personality. She is a sensitive soul. She can potentially cry easily when she doesn't know what's going on, doesn't know what to expect, or is scared. If her routine is in place, and she is familiar with the circumstances and understands what is going on, then she is generally very happy. She doesn't seem to like to be alone at night. She is most comfortable around other children & around women.

Rae is happiest with things she is familiar with, which seems to be daily care tasks - they get her excited. She LOVES taking a bath/being cleaned. Her fine motor movements are that of a 3-4 year old, so she still needs help with these tasks for full effective completion. She needs help with bathing & rinsing since her efforts aren't as thorough.

Rae gets very excited when I get her a 'new outfit' each morning. I show it to her, she smiles big or gets very excited, and is very enthusiastic about undressing out of PJs and getting dressed. I always take her to the mirror to see herself in the outfit of the day, and that makes her super duper happy. She sometimes gets overly energetic and can't put her arms through the shirt.

She LOVES playing with Legos/Duplos/Megablocks. They keep her occupied for HOURS. Literally. She would rather play with those blocks than eat. She loves to put them together and take them apart. She's very good at sharing them also. She will hand them to others. She is good at putting them away also. She seems very conscientious about neatness - putting away toys and putting things in their place. If a block falls off a table, she will pick it up before continuing. She can color for a long time, though they are more like scribbling. I got her color wonder markers and she colors for a long time with those. If it were regular markers, she might get things messy on her clothes & on other stuff.

Rui Shan can feed herself. Sometimes it's messy depending on what type of food it is. Most times it's easier for her if her food is cut up into bite size pieces. If you don't want her to make a mess, then helping feed her is best. If you don't mind the mess a toddler makes, then you can let her feed herself. So far she has eaten mostly everything we've given her. Meats (chicken, beef, roast, meatballs), Chinese steamed buns, noodles, rolls, rice, veggies, carrots, green beans, broccoli, green smoothies, eggs, bagels, oatmeal, apples, oranges, soy milk. She doesn't seem very picky, but I also went to the Asian market in Houston for foodstuffs to try to ease the "food transition." “

Please help this precious little girl find her forever family!
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Hip Dysplasia, Other
Contact Info: