Child's Code: Asher
Birth Date: 11/5/2008
Gender: Male
Description: * Asher is eligible for a grant to go toward his adoption expenses! Please contact CCAI for more information! *

*Asher was part of our hosting program in 2016! Please contact our Waiting Child Team to learn more about Asher!*

10 year old Asher is always on the move! He can run, jump, and kick despite his diagnosis of delayed development. He goes to classes inside the orphanage and he really seems to enjoy them! His favorite part of class is when they get to sing songs. He smiles from ear to ear whenever his teacher tells him he has done a good job! He is also very caring and will help his classmates and friends whenever he can. He gets along well with the other kiddos, but he likes to play by himself, too. He likes drawing and can name all of the colors!

Asher is an open and sensitive boy, but he does not speak very much. He can communicate well and does not need a wheelchair, but sometimes he loses his balance if he is walking too quickly. He can brush his teeth, wash his face, get dressed, and eat on his own, but he needs a little help with some other self-care tasks.

Asher participated in our 2016 Winter Hosting Program! Here is what this host family shared with us:

“Asher is a loving little boy who gives hugs and kisses very freely and often! He also loves to receive affection as well and would come up to each of us numerous times a day for a hug or a kiss or a pat. He has a tender heart and adapts easily to new situations.

Asher gets along very well with other children and adults. He bonded with me and my husband. Asher and my 10 year old son were always together and there were no issues between them the whole 20 days he stayed with us! He bonded with all my children, 2 teenagers and a 10 year old. Asher also loves babies and lovingly cared for my 1 year old niece at our family Christmas party! He is very nurturing and gentle. He would do well in a family with any age children, although will need a family that can give him extra time and attention for his CP and development issues.

Asher laughs and smiles a lot. He laughed the entire time he was swinging, sliding, jumping on the trampolines at the trampoline park and learning how to hit a baseball. It was so fun to see how much he enjoyed these simple activities! He loves bath time so much and would ask me every night after dinner if he could take a bath! Of course we always said yes! He loves to be on the go, loves to ride in the car and loves to push the basket at the grocery store!

Asher has so much potential and so much love to give! He also is a very hard worker and pitches in with whatever is going on. He was willing to try anything and never gave up when he couldn’t do something. He is very compliant and would do whatever we asked him to do. These qualities will take him far!”

Ask our Waiting Child Team to hear more about Asher’s time in the US!
Medical Condition: Developmental delays, Vision- Strabismus
Contact Info: