Child's Code: Kang
Birth Date: 3/12/2005
Gender: Male
Description: * Kang is eligible for a grant to go toward his adoption expenses! Please contact CCAI for more information! *

Meet Kang – you might also know him by the advocacy name, Ed! He is 13 years old and will age out of his eligibility for international adoption in March. Could you be his forever family?

Kang is an active, driven, bright, cheerful, and outgoing young man! He goes to school where her learns Chinese, English, handwriting, and math. He can carry on simple conversations in English and he speaks very well. His caretakers say he is well-behaved in class, and he takes his school work seriously because he loves to learn! He does well in math, and he is learning how to use a computer to complete his schoolwork. Kang gets along well with his classmates, and he takes the initiative to offer a helping hand whenever he can.

Kang is a creative kid and he likes to use his hands to make things. He loves drawing and cooking! He also participates in Children’s Day performances - he has learned different songs and dances, and he performed them all very well. Kang is pretty athletic, too. He loves roller skating, jumping rope, and playing basketball!

Kang’s caretakers say he has a mild cognitive delay, but he is otherwise healthy!
Medical Condition: Arachnoid Cyst
Contact Info: