Child's Code: Wesley
Birth Date: 9/30/2015
Gender: Male
Description: Wesley is way too cute! He loves to move around in the walker or scoot around on the little toy car. He will also crawl around the room to explore – he can crawl through the tunnel in the play room and will smile sweetly when he sees his nanny on the other side!

Wesley’s nannies pay close attention to his diet due to his diagnosis of PKU. He has not had any surgeries to treat his Spina Bifida. He can crawl around the room and move forward in the walker, but his legs do not have much strength so he cannot stand or walk on his own yet. He can say “ayi” (nanny) and “mama” and he can follow simple instructions. Wesley understands when his nanny is trying to teach him something new. He has learned to stack blocks, blow kisses, and wave goodbye!
Medical Condition: Phenylketonuria, Spina Bifida
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