Family Info Sheet

Waiting Child Family Info Sheet

If you are currently in process with CCAI (working on or have a dossier logged in), you DO NOT need to complete this form.

The Waiting Child Program Family Info Sheet is necessary if your family has not yet begun the adoption process with CCAI and:

  • You wish to submit a Medical Conditions Checklist to CCAI, so that CCAI may contact you upon receipt of the file of a child whose situation matches your openness, or
  • You wish to view the available information for a particular Waiting Child.

Your Family Info Sheet MUST be accompanied by a copy of your approved intercountry adoption home study (completed within the last year, with current associated background clearances and approval appropriate to the characteristics of a child you may be open to as reflected in your Medical Conditions Checklist). Home studies may be emailed to

The accuracy of this information is very important. If permission to submit a dossier is issued by the CCCWA based upon this information, your adoption documents (dossier) should not present any changes. Any discrepancy may require the family to compose a "Letter of Discrepancy" and could jeopardize your adoption. Should your family accept a Waiting Child, CCAI’s Application for Adoption will still be required to begin the adoption process.

Click here to view a list of networking home study agencies in your state. You must choose an agency in your state that is licensed, nonprofit and either Hague- or COA-accredited to complete your home study.

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