Lily Orphan Care Centers

Lily Orphan Care Center
Lily plays with a LOCC kid

As more orphanages opened up to international adoption, CCAI co-founders Lily and Josh saw in their early years the dilapidated state of many state-run orphanages and the lack of training the staff received, particularly in regards to special needs children. Realizing that they could make an immediate difference in the lives of these special children, they established their first Lily Orphan Care Center (LOCC) with in a large, state run orphanage in Hangzhou, China.

CCAI believed that the most effective way to change the lives of orphans was to bring salt and light to already established orphanages. Teaching others fishing skills is more effective than simply giving others fish. LOCCs serve as a powerful force to bring positive changes to orphanages and elevate orphan care conditions through leadership development, caretaker training, child-centered care philosophy and management, and upgraded care facilities and equipment. LOCC's child-centered philosophy has influenced the overall elevation of care standards in Chinese orphanages in the past two decades.

LOCCs serve as a powerful force to bring positive changes to orphanages and to elevate orphan care conditions in China.

So far, we have built nine LOCCs within existing orphanages, and hundreds of orphans' physical and emotional health has improved dramatically.

Operating LOCCs can be expensive. Please consider helping CCAI maintain a high standard of orphan care by contributing to these life-changing projects. Should you like to specify your donation, you can choose between covering some operational costs, sponsoring a child, donating to the general needs of these special children, or even helping to defray the cost of medical treatments.


Please check with your employer to see if they will match your donation.