Lily Orphan Care Centers

Lily Orphan Care Center
Lily plays with a LOCC kid

When co-founders Lily Nie and Joshua Zhong started CCAI in a basement apartment two decades ago, they never envisioned how many Chinese orphans they would help. They also never foresaw the evolution of CCAI’s purpose from just an adoption agency to a charitable force for improving thousands of lives of abandoned Chinese children. This change of purpose came gradually. As more orphanages opened up to international adoption, Lily and Josh saw the dilapidated state of these state-run orphanages and the lack of training the staff received, particularly in regards to special needs children. Realizing that they could make an immediate difference in the lives of these special children, they established Lily Orphan Care Centers (LOCC), named for CCAI co-founder Lily Nie.

CCAI opened its first LOCC in Hangzhou, China, in 2001. The huge success of this first LOCC has led to the opening of 7 more LOCCs in other Chinese provinces.

LOCCs serve as a powerful force to bring positive changes to orphanages and to elevate orphan care conditions in China.

While the childcare model and standards of excellence remains the same between LOCCs, CCAI works with individual provincial governments to either renovate a pre-existing, run-down orphanage facility or build new childcare rooms from the ground up.

Through the LOCC training model, Chinese caretakers can visualize our child-centered philosophy. CCAI invites caretakers from all over China to attend childcare training at a local LOCC. We also send out multiple training teams to many other orphanages to provide much-needed childcare knowledge and skills. Operating each LOCC and meeting basic needs can be expensive. Our thanks go to CCAI's generous donors who make the life changing LOCCs possible and our wonderful LOCC team in China who try their best every day to bring care and hope to the children.

Opportunities to Make a Difference - Please consider helping CCAI maintain a high standard of orphan care by contributing to the renovation and daily operation of an LOCC. Should you like to specify your donation, you can choose between covering some operational costs, sponsoring a child, contributing to the general needs of these special children, or even helping to defray the cost of medical treatments. If you are a medical professional or physical/occupational therapist, CCAI could use you on a short-term medical mission or long-term caregiver assignment. All donations are welcome. For more information, please contact us at or 303-850-9998.


Please check with your employer to see if they will match your donation.