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Children’s Charity Update

An update from CCAI’s Co-Founder, Joshua Zhong

You can support orphans living in China by providing life-changing surgeries and summer camp opportunities!

I want to share a story of resilience and hope with you, which deeply touched my heart and will resonate with yours as well. Meet Dang XiangSi. From the moment he came into this world, life dealt him a challenging hand. Born with clubfeet and abandoned shortly after birth, he has known nothing but the agony of walking with difficulty and enduring the cruelty of ridicule from others. Despite his pain, his spirit remained unbroken, fueled by a dream – to walk freely, unencumbered by his condition. For years, that dream has remained out of reach- until now.

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting XiangSi at Linfen Hospital, where he is on the path to recovery after undergoing life-changing surgery. Soon, XiangSi will walk confidently, no longer burdened by the pain he once endured. His gratitude is evident. “Please thank the uncles and aunties who donated to my surgery,” he exclaimed with a smile. “I can’t wait to return to the orphanage to play soccer with my friends.”

I had the privilege of visiting Dang XiangSi at the LinFen Hospital. We hope to fund five more surgeries for older children and teens like him.

I enjoyed visiting precious orphans at LinFen Social Welfare House. With your help, we can send many of these deserving kids to camp over the summer.

XiangSi’s story is just one among many. In LinFen Social Welfare House, where he resides, there are about a hundred children, most of whom face similar struggles. Limited resources often mean delayed medical care, prolonging their suffering unnecessarily. That’s why donors like you are so important.

Change Lives by supporting orphans living in China

We have an opportunity to change the lives of these precious children. Our goal is ambitious yet attainable: to financially support surgeries for five older kids, including Dang Hongxin for Club feet, Dang XiangWei for deformed hands, Dang HongXiang for hearing, and Feng KeLe for a deformed ear.
Additionally, we aim to sponsor fifteen children for a week-long summer camp, a rare chance for them to experience the joys of exploration and adventure outside the confines of LinFen City.

The total cost for these endeavors is $85,000. Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a meaningful impact. Together, we can rewrite these children’s narratives, replacing pain with joy and despair with hope. To donate, visit and select LinFen Surgery & Summer Camp.

Thank you for your consideration. Your support can change lives and sow seeds of hope that will blossom into a brighter future for these deserving children.

You can change a child’s life- Donate Here

Recent posts

Emily Straut

The Park Administrative Assistant

Emily was adopted through CCAI in 2002!  Having always admired the ways that the organization continued to support families even after adoption, she began working at The Park last year because she wanted to be more involved in the adoption community and according to her, “It’s been a blast so far!”

Emily is majoring in environmental science at MSU Denver and hopes to help mitigate the causes and effects of climate change. In her free time, she like to practice guitar, play video games, watch movies, and spend time with her friends and family. 

Bucket List: Visit every province in China!

Contact Information

(303) 221-6688 ext. 170

Ivy Buchanan

The Park Adoptee Program Coordinator

Ivy has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Production Design for Film and Theater with a minor in Studio Art. She had the opportunity to study abroad in London, England and Florence, Italy. After graduating, while visiting an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal she had a moment of realization and knew she wanted to work in the adoption community. After some prior experience in post-adoption and nonprofit management, she came to The Park and is really enjoying focusing on and being involved with offering lifelong support for adoptees and the adoption community.

Ivy was adopted from Kazakhstan at 18-months old and is proud of her adoptee identity and her adoptive family. She is passionate about sharing the stories of the amazing people in the adoption community and helping adoptees celebrate their identities. Her lifelong best friend was adopted from China through CCAI. 

In her free time, she enjoys making art (she is working on a series of sculptural paintings of poached animal species), trying new food, catching up with friends, reading, and being with family. She loves to travel whenever possible.

Joined CCAI: 2023

Top Bucket List Items:

  • A trail ride through “Middle Earth” in New Zealand
  • Volunteering for a few weeks at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
  • Sleeping in a hammock on a beach

Contact Information

(303) 221-6688 ext. 205

Colorado Expenses

ExpenseAmountPmt MethodPay ToDue
Application Fee$250Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIApplication submission
Child Abuse Record Search$35/FamilyCheckCO Dept of Human ServiceApplication submission
IAAME Monitoring & Oversight Fee$500Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAI (Sent to IAAME)After App Approval
First Program Fee (Includes Home Study)$5,700Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIAfter App Approval
CBI/FBI Fingerprint Search$39.50 per personMoney OrderColorado Bureau of InvestigationAfter App Approval
USCIS Filing & Fingerprinting$775 plus $85/adultCheck/Money OrderUS Dept. of Homeland SecurityUpon I-800A submission
Dossier PreparationApprox. $450-$900Check/Money OrderSecretary of State(s), Chinese Consulate(s)As preparing Dossier
Second Program Fee$5,050Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIDossier Submission
CCCWA Fee$1,270Check/ACH WithdrawalCCCWA via CCAIDossier Submission
Third Program Fee$5,500Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
CCCWA Post Adoption Translation Fee$300Check/ACH WithdrawalCCCWA via CCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
Court Validation Deposit$200CheckCCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
Post Adoption Deposit (Refundable)$450Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
Visa to enter China$140 (plus courier fee)Check/Credit CardChinese Consulate via a courier/travel agencyApproximately one month before travel to China
US Domestic & International Airfare$1,000 – $2,000 per traveler (adopted child over 2 requires full ticket)Credit CardA travel agency/airline of your choice

Approximately 7-10 days prior to China departure

In China Travel & AccommodationsApprox. $4,000-$4,400 for two adultsACH WithdrawalCCAI (wired to China)Approximately 7-10 days prior to China departure
Adoption Registration and Notarization$800 – $1,000CashLocal government in ChinaIn China
Orphanage Donation(Voluntary)Cash or WireOrphanageIn China
Child’s Passport$100-$150CashLocal passport agencyIn China
Food$700 – $800 per coupleCash/Credit CardHotel(s), restaurant(s)In China
Child Physical & Photo$130-$150CashClinicIn Guangzhou, China
Child U.S. Entry Visa$325Cash or CheckU.S. ConsulateIn China
Court Validation Fee$167CheckCounty CourtAfter U.S. Return
Child’s Colorado Birth Certificate$37.75CheckColorado Vital Statistics OfficeAfter U.S. Return
Lutheran Family Services$250CheckLutheran Family Services via CCAIWhen Home Study is approved by CCAI