China Adoption Program

CCAI matches and places more of China’s Waiting Children than any other agency. CCAI has successfully found loving homes for over 4,000 Waiting Children.

  • Several photographs, including, if applicable, the physical appearance of a visible medical condition
  • A physical examination (typically including a blood test, urine test, hepatitis B panel, and HIV/syphilis tests)
  • Medical information relating to the child’s condition, if available
  • Basic developmental information
  • Background information, generally outlining the child’s personality, preferences, history in the orphanage, and daily routine, composed by the orphanage

Waiting Children, both girls (40%) and boys (60%), range in age from about 1 year to 15 years at the time of match.

Waiting Child Adoption

While some medical conditions may be considered minor in the US, other conditions may be more significant and even encompass multiple issues. It is also possible that a child may be placed with physical and/or emotional problems, minor or major, that have remained partially or totally undiagnosed and which were unknown to CCAI. Therefore, when considering a Waiting Child, CCAI strongly encourages families to work with their pediatrician, medical specialist, insurance company, and social worker to ensure that they are physically, financially, emotionally, and practically prepared to parent their Waiting Child.

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