Making a Difference – One Child at a Time

The statistics can be grim. China has close to 700 state-run orphanages and social welfare institutes that house over 63,000 abandoned children, with over 148,000 orphans scattered among communities across China. In Haiti, there are over 300,000 orphans according to the United Nations who struggle for their basic needs daily. International adoption enables only a small number of these children to find a loving home each year. Most of them will have no choice but to stay at orphanages or wander the streets, never knowing the love of a family.

At CCAI, we believe that adoption, without reaching out to the children left behind, is meaningless.

Believing that reaching out to the children left behind is an inexcusable responsibility of a charitable adoption agency, CCAI has provided childcare, foster care, medical services, educational funds, and disaster relief to thousands of orphans since 1994. Today, as the only Chinese government-licensed charity in the U.S., CCAI’s impact can be felt across China, and the quality of life for thousands of abandoned children has been changed for the better.

Each project or program listed in the upper left has far-reaching effects in the lives of thousands of Chinese orphans. Whichever type of donation you provide, we assure you the utmost financial accountability and ensure that every loving donation will go to meeting donor’s wish to directly impacting orphans’ lives.

Nothing is more rewarding than helping a child. Please join us in giving the gift of hope to these special children. You can make a difference in a child’s life!