Taiwan Adoption Program

Taiwan is an island in the western Pacific Ocean in East Asia. It is located 160 kilometers off the mainland People's Republic of China.

Taiwan has a very strong child welfare system that uses international adoption as a last option for a child to join a family. Domestic adoption does happen. When a child is relinquished he/she is first added to a database for the purpose of domestic adoption. If the child isn’t adopted domestically, he/she is available for international adoption.

The available children for international adoption come from backgrounds that are complicated. In many cases, the child may be available for adoption due to an issue in their birth home such as poverty, abuse, neglect, or other trauma. In some instances, a birth family may be unable to meet their child’s special needs. Many of the children relinquished are between the ages of 5-14. Predominately boys are waiting for families, however, there are girls available as well as sibling groups.

Older Child Adoption: Older child adoption can be a great option for families who are well educated and prepared. Click HERE to learn more.

CCAI has opened its doors to assist those families who wish to adopt a waiting child from Taiwan. CCAI offers professional and personal adoption services to orphaned children and adoptive families. Together we can make a difference in the lives of these beautiful and precious children!