Ukraine Adoption Program


Children: The children available in Ukraine are 6 and older unless part of a sibling group or special needs.

Older Child Adoption: Older child adoption can be a great option for families who are well educated and prepared. Click HERE to learn more.

Requirements: Married couples may apply. No restrictions on children already in family. Few other restrictions. At least 1 parent must be 15 years older than the oldest child they want to adopt.

Adoption Process: Families must complete a dossier and obtain USCIS approval prior to travel. Following submission of paperwork to the adoption center in Kiev, and acceptance of your dossier, families will be given a travel date by the National Social Service of Ukraine.

Hosting Program: We participate in several hosting programs throughout the year, where qualified and pre-approved families can host a child from Ukraine for several weeks in their home. Hosting is twice a year – Winter and Summer. Please contact CCAI for more information.

Travel: 3 trips. Families will visit the National Social Service of Ukraine to receive a referral of a child. Once the family accepts the referral of a child/children they wish to adopt, they will appear in court to finalize the adoption. Both parents must travel, though one parent may be able to leave after court. There are exceptions that only 1 parent can travel.

Time-frame: The process takes approximately 12 – 18 months start to finish.