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Enzo needs an adoptive family

6-year-old Enzo needs an adoptive family to help him thrive! He has a heartwarming combination of empathy and sweetness, especially around adults he feels bonded to. Enzo has adapted to different environments and reciprocates affection, highlighting his resilience.

Having formed a significant bond with his primary caregiver through timely attention to his physical needs, Enzo thrives in environments where rules are communicated with affection and understanding. However, he requires time to establish relational bonds and tolerate physical contact.

Enzo’s interests include play dough, drawing, and home experiments, where he demonstrates an impressive attention span. Peppa Pig and other children’s shows capture his interest!

Despite developmental delays and neuromotor challenges, he has made notable progress in verbal communication, animal sound recognition, and increased attention.

Facing multiple medical conditions, including psychomotor developmental delay, neurogenic bladder, and language development disorders, Enzo continues to benefit from ongoing support in speech therapy, physiotherapy, and psychology. Interdisciplinary care at the Casa de la Madre has significantly improved his physical abilities and emotional regulation.

Enzo needs a loving family to understand and address his physiological and emotional needs. Structured activities in a calm environment are beneficial due to his sensitivity to crowded spaces and loud stimuli. His family should be attentive to his artistic interests, particularly in play dough and drawing, as these outlets help his behavior when he is frustrated.

Enzo is a resilient, affectionate, and intelligent child deserving of a family committed to providing the security, protection, and comprehensive care essential for his overall development and progress. Might you be Enzo’s adoptive family?

Colombia Program

In light of the many children in need of a permanent and loving family, CCAI launched its Colombia adoption program in 2020. Children eligible for adoption from Colombia tend to be older with varying degrees of medical needs. These resilient and hopeful children bring with them their rich and unique culture and history!

CCAI’s parent preparation resources give families the tools to welcome a special child into their hearts and home. Our Colombia adoption program is a fast-growing, robust program that offers both traditional and host-to-adopt adoption options for children of all ages and sibling groups!

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Colorado Expenses

ExpenseAmountPmt MethodPay ToDue
Application Fee$250Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIApplication submission
Child Abuse Record Search$35/FamilyCheckCO Dept of Human ServiceApplication submission
IAAME Monitoring & Oversight Fee$500Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAI (Sent to IAAME)After App Approval
First Program Fee (Includes Home Study)$5,700Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIAfter App Approval
CBI/FBI Fingerprint Search$39.50 per personMoney OrderColorado Bureau of InvestigationAfter App Approval
USCIS Filing & Fingerprinting$775 plus $85/adultCheck/Money OrderUS Dept. of Homeland SecurityUpon I-800A submission
Dossier PreparationApprox. $450-$900Check/Money OrderSecretary of State(s), Chinese Consulate(s)As preparing Dossier
Second Program Fee$5,050Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIDossier Submission
CCCWA Fee$1,270Check/ACH WithdrawalCCCWA via CCAIDossier Submission
Third Program Fee$5,500Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
CCCWA Post Adoption Translation Fee$300Check/ACH WithdrawalCCCWA via CCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
Court Validation Deposit$200CheckCCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
Post Adoption Deposit (Refundable)$450Check/ACH WithdrawalCCAIPrior to receiving child match acceptance letter
Visa to enter China$140 (plus courier fee)Check/Credit CardChinese Consulate via a courier/travel agencyApproximately one month before travel to China
US Domestic & International Airfare$1,000 – $2,000 per traveler (adopted child over 2 requires full ticket)Credit CardA travel agency/airline of your choice

Approximately 7-10 days prior to China departure

In China Travel & AccommodationsApprox. $4,000-$4,400 for two adultsACH WithdrawalCCAI (wired to China)Approximately 7-10 days prior to China departure
Adoption Registration and Notarization$800 – $1,000CashLocal government in ChinaIn China
Orphanage Donation(Voluntary)Cash or WireOrphanageIn China
Child’s Passport$100-$150CashLocal passport agencyIn China
Food$700 – $800 per coupleCash/Credit CardHotel(s), restaurant(s)In China
Child Physical & Photo$130-$150CashClinicIn Guangzhou, China
Child U.S. Entry Visa$325Cash or CheckU.S. ConsulateIn China
Court Validation Fee$167CheckCounty CourtAfter U.S. Return
Child’s Colorado Birth Certificate$37.75CheckColorado Vital Statistics OfficeAfter U.S. Return
Lutheran Family Services$250CheckLutheran Family Services via CCAIWhen Home Study is approved by CCAI