Training Team Arrives in China to Help Older Orphan Hostees Prepare for Winter Hosting Program

CCAI had a team of trainers take off for China last Wednesday to spend some quality time with all of the older orphans, including those who are anxiously preparing for their 5-week-long visit to the US to help ensure a smoother transition and a more positive experience during their hosting trip this winter! The team gave the kids plenty of good (and sometimes humorous) tips on “surviving the USA” and answered many of their questions; like, “what if I don’t like their food?,” and, “Is it easy to make friends?”

mmexport1413839219115The team also had a great time teaching the kids and chaperons some English words and worked with them on some fun art projects. Everyone had an absolute blast; anxiously looking forward to their first ever visit to America!



It’s our FINAL DAY to sign up to host an orphan from CHINA this holiday season. There are still 9 children who are still waiting and, of the remaining children, the situation is critical… one boy is in a wheelchair, two girls have Downs Syndrome, and two boys are 13 years old, about to age out and will no longer be eligible for adoption in a year! This winter hosting is a critical opportunity for these 9 remaining children!

Please consider opening your home this winter to an orphan from China. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to give a child a chance to see the world and just be a kid! Our winter dates are December 16-January 15.

If you cannot host, you can still help make it possible for ONE more child to be hosted! Your tax deductible donation towards a HOSTING GRANT will help guarantee that at least ONE more orphan is here for Christmas and the life-changing opportunity to experience the wonders of the world.

Please register now to view the photo listing of children available for hosting, or if you have already registered, please take a moment to look at the photo listing again.

Today is the day to make a decision! If you are unable to host but willing to help an orphan from China be hosted by placing a host grant, please let us know as soon as possible today (!

China hosting final call

Time is Running Out to Host an Orphan This Winter through CCAI’s Hosting Program!

CCAI China Hosting Program - One Week Left!Won’t you PLEASE consider hosting a child from China this winter?  Registration closes on October 13th! 

Several of these wonderful children also have generous hosting grants, which makes hosting more affordable and possible for host families!  

17 families are making the difference in the lives of 17 children through hosting this winter!  However, 14 children are still waiting to be hosted – please do not leave these children behind!  We ask you to please consider opening your heart and home to an orphan over the holidays (children will be visiting from mid-December to mid-January).  Giving the gift of family to a child over the holidays may be the most precious gift that you ever give!

To register for the photo listing of children available for hosting, please visit

If you have questions about hosting a child, please email

Thank you!

CCAI 2nd Annual Orphan Care Gala – A Month Away!

We’re now just one month out from our 2nd Annual CCAI Orphan Care Gala! Have you bought your tickets yet? What better reason to take the family out for a night of fun than to help support some great orphan care initiatives? Join us NOVEMBER 9TH for heart-warming stories and heart-pumping fun!

A Family Night to Support Orphans

November 9, 2014
5:00pm – 8:00pm

The Summit Conference and Event Center
411 Sable Blvd.
Aurora, CO 80011

Tickets $40/adult, $20/child
Children 3 and under – Free

Guest Speakers | Silent Auction | Live Auction | Photobooth | Balloon Animals | Family Fun | Too Many Other Things To List!

China Winter Hosting Deadline to Host is Approaching!

Only a few weeks remain to sign up to be a Winter host family for an orphaned child from China and there are still 14 orphans, age 7-13, who remain unchosen!

Winter hosting is 4-5 weeks, from mid-December to mid-January.  Please consider hosting this holiday season and PLEASE SHARE this post to spread the news about our winter orphan hosting opportunity!

Register today to see the 14 children still waiting to be hosted this winter.

For more information, please email

ccai1 ccai2 ccai3


Older Orphan Hosting Program — Ukraine and Latvia

Thousands of older orphans in Latvia and Ukraine grow up without experiencing the love and care of a family. Together with CCAI and Project One Forty Three, you can change that!

Project One Forty Three conducts 4-5 week summer (July-August) and winter (December-January) host programs for children from Latvia and Ukraine. This hosting program provides some of these orphans the precious opportunity to live in American homes and experience what it is like in a family for 4-5 weeks over the summer (typically July- August) or winter holiday (December-January).  Hosting is an incredible opportunity for families with a heart for changing the life of an orphan.  Without hosting, many of these orphans will age out and never experience the life changing love that a family provides.

CCAI is proud to be the oversight agency for Project One Forty Three.  By hosting an older orphan you will fulfill your dream of impacting a child’s life and leaving a permanent mark of love on a precious child. Hosting is a great opportunity to invest your time, energy, and money on a human life, who otherwise may never know his or her true value.

For more information on the upcoming Winter Host Program for Latvia and Ukraine and to learn more about the children waiting to be hosted, or to apply to host, please visit the Project 143 website at!

Host an Orphan This Winter through CCAI’s Hosting Program

Dang Hong JuanWe still need families for 19 orphans!  Three of these wonderful children have $500 hosting grants, so if you have ever considered hosting, now is a great time!

Making the Difference

16 amazing families are already making the difference in the lives of 16 children through hosting this winter!  We ask that you to please consider opening your heart and home to an orphan over the holidays.  Giving the gift of family to a child over the holidays may be the most precious gift that you ever give, as well as receive!

To register for the photo listing of children available for hosting please visit the following link:

If you have questions about hosting a child please email

Older Orphan Winter Hosting Program is Here!

Have you ever thought about hosting an older child?

CCAI, with the support of P143, is continuing our Older Orphan Winter Hosting Program from China!

The Winter 2014-2015 photo listing is NOW OPEN!  Pre-register today at to see the orphans from Latvia who are available to stay with your family for 4 weeks this winter.  More children from China will be added in the next few days, and children from Ukraine will be added soon, so bookmark the photo listing and return often!

This is a truly remarkable way to make a difference in an orphan’s life over the holidays!  If you see a child you are interested in hosting this winter, contact the P143 team immediately. Many of the children will be placed on hold VERY QUICKLY!  Contact numbers are in the photo listing.

Why Should I Consider Hosting?

Families choose to host for a variety of reasons.  Some families ultimately want to adopt the child they host.  Although not all children in this program are available for adoption, many children are.  Additionally, CCAI can assist you as your placing agency should you host a child through Project 143 and then want to consider the possible adoption of that child!

Can CCAI Help Me if I am Considering Hosting?

If you live in Colorado, Kentucky, Georgia, or Florida then we can assist you with your home safety check, which is a part of the hosting process!  If, in the course of hosting a child, you would like to pursue adoption, CCAI can serve as your placement agency, as well!

For more information on hosting a child from China, Latvia, or Ukraine this winter, please check out Project 143’s website at

Older Orphan Summer Hosting a Success!

Partnering with P143 (, CCAI launched our Older Orphans Hosting Program this year to enable some older and special needs orphans, ages 6 to 13, to live with a loving family in American for four weeks and experience the love and fun of a family.  Nineteen children from Zhengzhou and Luoyang orphanages were the brave pioneers this summer and, during their four-week stay, these kids experienced culture shock, learned to eat and enjoy American food, had tons of fun at parks, swimming pools and zoos, enjoyed playing with their host siblings, shed lots of tears for their friends and foster parents in China, and even threw some fists when things did not go their way! ;)

P143 hellos

Michelle from P143 and Xia and Sheila from CCAI worked extremely hard every day to provide support to the wonderful families and all of the kids who were trying their best to communicate their needs to their host parents.  It was truly a great and capable team.

P143 goodbyes

All of the kids and chaperons said their sad goodbyes and left the USA on July 24th to return to China safe and sound!  The children know they are very much loved and prayed about for their lives and future.  We truly hope that some of the children one day will find their forever families and cannot wait for the children coming for their hosting adventures this winter!

CCAI Families Celebrate the 20th National Reunion

Hundreds of CCAI adoptive families from across the country gathered at CCAI Headquarters this past weekend on June 28th to celebrate our 20th Annual National Reunion and Open House!  Barrel train, duck pond, balloon animals, jumping castle, dance, Kung Fu, Bingo, food, and all sorts of fun games brought together one of the largest reunion crowds in recent years!

From our very first reunion in 1994 with just a half dozen families, to today’s 11,000 placements, CCAI has come a long way, creating families and fulfilling dreams, and we are always so excited to see everyone every year.

We want to thank the CCAI Adoptive Parent Council who organized this successful celebration under the strong leadership of Shanna Taylor and Virginia Wong.  We also thank our wonderful staff and all of our amazing volunteers who ran all the booths and greeted our families.

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Mile High city this year!  We hope to see even more of you next year!